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Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics in Ethiopia: How do they differ from Consumption-based Poverty Dynamics?

Poverty can take many different forms, ranging widely over dimensions both monetary, such as consumption or income, and non monetary, such as health and education. One large class of non monetary measures of poverty is the multidimensional poverty...

Dynamics of Wasting and Underweight in Ethiopian Children

In Ethiopia, 9.7 percent of rural and 28.7 percent of small-town children are wasted and underweight, and under nutrition is responsible for a large percentage of childhood deaths. We use two waves of panel data, from the 2012 and 2014 Ethiopia So...

Mother's Spending Decisions, Ethnicity and Child Malnutrition in Ghana

"I argue in this policy brief that the relationship between ethnicity and the mother’s role in child nutrition is either direct or indirect, depending on the nature of cultural practices. Thus, in a setting with cultural practices such as food tab...

Poverty and the Anthropometric Status of Children: A Comparative Analysis of Rural and Urban Households in Togo

"The aim of this study is thus to model and estimate the determinants of child malnutrition in Togo according to their area of residence. Specifically, the study measures and analyses the nutritional status of children, and assesses the impact of...

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