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'It Feels Like it's the End of the World' Cape Town's Youth Talk About Gangs and Community Violence

"The monograph begins with a description of the methodology, followed by an analysis of the children’s responses (including their recommendations for prevention and intervention). These responses are then discussed within the context of key literatu…

Crop Diversification Increases Household Diets and Improves Child Growth in Ethiopia

This brief is based on a study that utilizes rich panel survey data combined with historical weather data to assess the impact of crop diversity on different nutrition outcome indicators that include child growth, household nutrient production gaps,…

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Interventions to Reduce the Incidence of Stunting in Malawi - Technical Report

There remains a high level of stunting among children in Malawi – 37% in 2016, although this has declined from 47% in 2010. Despite the improvements, this puts Malawi at the top end of the average range for Africa. The primary cause of stunting is c…

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