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Kenya Charcoal Regulations Pocket Book

This pocketbook aims to provide stakeholders in the charcoal industry in Kenya, especially producers, transporters and vendors with easily accessible information on the current charcoal production regulations and compliance requirements for a sustai…

Sustainable Tree Management for Charcoal Production Acacia Species in Kenya

This publication shares information on tree growing and management for sustainable charcoal production. It focuses on Acacia species with emphasis on Acacia polyacantha and Acacia xanthophloea. Both species are native to a majority of the arid and s…

From Plunder to Prosperity: Resolving Resource-based Conflict in Somaliland

After decades of political upheaval in the Somali region, land tenure systems in Somaliland lie in grim disarray. Years of civil war steadily eroded traditional systems of managing land and resources and resolving conflict, the Somaliland governme…

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