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Crop Production in Ethiopia: Regional Patterns and Trends

"Ethiopia’s crop agriculture is complex, involving substantial variation in crops grown across the country’s different regions and ecologies. Five major cereals (teff, wheat, maize, sorghum and barley) are the core of Ethiopia’s agriculture and food…

Cereal Productivity in Ethiopia: An Analysis based on ERHS Data

This paper examines the recent phenomenon of cereal yield growth in Ethiopia and tries to see yield responses to modern inputs such as chemical fertilizer and improved seeds on major cereal crops. It bases its analysis on two rounds of the Ethiopian…

Foreign Exchange Rationing and Wheat Markets in Ethiopia

This paper examines the developments in Ethiopia’s wheat markets, including the links between international and domestic prices for wheat, the implications of foreign exchange rationing (that effectively stopped private sector wheat imports), and th…

Effects of Temperature and Rainfall Variability on the Net Income of Cereal Crops in Togo: Semi-parametric Approach

This paper analyses the economic effects of temperature and rainfall variability on the net income of the main cereal crops in Togo based on a semi-parametric specification of the Ricardian model. The model provides a flexible functional form of the…

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