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The Quest for an Information Society : Benchmarking the Regulatory Framework to Usher Kenya in to the Information Era

"The ICT sector is being examined in this paper from the policy, regulatory, and operational levels and examines the interplay of the regulator and its role to catalyse the business environment, the consumer demands and the resulting successes and c…

Cost of Smartphones Continues the Digital Divide in Tanzania

The Tanzanian mobile market has been one of the most vibrant markets on the continent as a result of higher competition and an enabling wholesale cost environment. Consumers have been the beneficiaries of fierce pricing strategies yet this dynamism …

Update: State of Prepaid Market in South Africa Submission to the Parliament of South Africa on "The Cost to Communicate in South Africa"

Pent up demand for internet service has driven strong growth in data revenues for operators throughout Africa. Traditional voice and SMS revenues have, in turn, been shrinking but still make a significant contribution to operator revenues. Operator…

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