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Economic Liberalization and Privatisation of Agricultural Marketing and Input Supply in Tanzania : A Case Study of Cashewnuts

"The study examines this process in the context of SAP and the need to ensure a more economically viable private sector driven agricultural marketing system. Private firms and traders are increasingly marketing agricultural inputs and outputs, hithe…

Impact of Market Information on Cashew Producers in Guinea-Bissau

Does lack of information reduce the ability of producers to find the right time to sell their products? To answer this question, we ran a two-level cluster randomized control trial among 1988 cashew producers in 290 villages in Guinea-Bissau. Treate…

Market Information Voice Messages Increase Revenues for Guinea-Bissau's Cashew Producers

Cashew nut production and commercialization is the main income source for a large portion of Guinea-Bissau’s population and represents more than 90% of the country's annual exports. However, for many producers, access to reliable price information i…

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