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eAfrica: The Electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 3, November 2005

This paper deals with climate change and the influence it will have on the livelihood of Africans. It also looks at the renewable energy option and carbon emissions. Calestous Juma argues that Africa's development changes and the rising interest in …

The Road to Copenhagen: Climate Change, Energy and South Africa’s Foreign Policy

"Drawing on Robert Putnam’s metaphor of the two-level game, the analysis considers the challenges facing South Africa in balancing domestic priorities with growing international pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Through the analysis, this paper …

An Overview of the Carbon Trading Landscape: Possibilities and Pitfalls for South Africa

"In order to meet its international and domestic carbon emissions requirements, South Africa needs to substantially rethink its current energy and industrial trajectories. This represents a massive challenge for any country with such a high dependen…

Should we be Concerned for our Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity?

The future of our environment, ecology and biodiversity raises a number of questions. Vigilance is critical to preserving both Morocco and the planet for future generations. This Paper highlights the importance of ongoing government, private sector …

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