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Les Changements de la Gouvernance d’Entreprise : Une Lecture de la Dynamique du Conseil d’Administration à partir de la Théorie Sociologique du Champ / Changes in Corporate Governance: A Reading of the Dynamics of the Board of Directors from the Sociologi

This document aims at explaining the changes of the board of directors with the aid of the sociological field theory. The said changes depend on the modifications operated on the various forms of capital distribution between the directors which mod…

Mainstreaming Sustainable Natural Capital Management into Uganda's COVID-19 Recovery Packages

Like the rest of the world, Uganda has not been spared by the trail of damage wrecked by COVID-19, with mixed implications on the economy, society and the planet (natural capital). The 2019/2020 Uganda National Household Survey, released in May 2021…

Regulatory Capital Requirements and Risk Taking Behaviour: Evidence from the Malawi Banking System - Research Paper

Proponents of stringent regulation argue in favour of higher capital requirements as it issaid to promote financial stability. Opponents of higher capital requirements argue that capital adequacy rules may not enhance stability but may in fact incre…

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