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Lessons in Effective Citizen Activism: The Anti-Third Term Campaign in Zambia

Learn how Zambian civil society mobilised effectively to stop former President Frederick Chiluba changing the Constitution to run for a third term as president. Often, we complain that we lack the time, money and expertise to make any difference ab…

Lessons from citizen activism in Uganda: Saving Mabira Forest

People power (and lessons from previous failures) enabled Ugandan environmentalists to save a vital forest from commercial exploitation. This paper examines how African civil society organisations have successfully influenced policy Often, we comp…

South Africa and the United States in a Post-Bush Era

As South Africa faced its own transition of national leadership, its leaders were tasked with dealing with a new administration in Washington, DC, following the United States' national elections due in November 2008.

Election Update 2004 South Africa No 6

"This election update comprises several articles, written by several authors. Chris Landsberg wrote about the 2004 Election Campaign. Tito Pitso wrote about the Management of election-related conflicts. Sydney Letsholo discussed political violence,…

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