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Making Government Smaller and More Efficient: The Botswana Case

"The report assesses the role, scale and scope of government in Botswana; a maturing mineralled economy. It discusses the development problems commonly found in countries that receive large inflows of foreign exchange from exports of minerals. A muc…

Bridging the PAYE Tax Revenue Gap

"Based on the Report “Uncovering the Unknown: An analysis of Tax Evasion in Zambia,” Zambia is currently grappling with issues of reducing high budget deficits. Zambia’s tax revenue-to-GDP ratio dropped to a record low of 13% in the early 1990s from…

Determination Of Real Exchange Rate Misalignment For Ghana

"The paper determines real exchange rate misalignment for Ghana for the period 1980 - 2010. It finds that the equilibrium real exchange rate is influenced to a significant extent by "fundamental" or "real" factors - represented in the study by produ…

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