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Botswana's Debt Sustainability: A Brief Narrative

" This paper examines the financial and by extension the economic sustainability of the existing debt using non-technical analysis and a simplified narrative.The motivation of this note was to shed light on the extent to which one should worry ab...

Effects of Budget Deficits on the Current Account Balance in Nigeria: A Simulation Exercise

"This paper examines the effect of budget deficit on the current account balance in Nigeria, covering the period from 1973 to 1993. This is motivated by the fact that the magnitude of government has increased with amazing rapidity since the early ...

Exchange Rate Depreciation, Budget Deficit and Inflation - the Nigerian Experience

"This study examined the quantitative effects of exchange rate depreciation on inflation, government revenues and expenditures, and money supply in Nigeria. Our objective was achieved through the use of a macroeconometric model that captures the...

Analysis of Equilibrium Relationship among Government Budget Deficit, Money Supply and Inflation in Ethiopia: Co-integrated VAR Analysis Approach

This study attempted to provide empirical evidences for causal long‐term relationship between budget deficit, broad money supply and inflation in Ethiopia. For this purpose, the study employed co-integrated VAR or vector error correction (VEC) mod...

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