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Border Governance for African Integration: Progress and Challenges

This Report focused at two immediacies, of which the first is, to be an instant aide memoire for the Colloquium participants. It is, in this regard, intended to keep the subject of the Colloquium alive and assist participants to remain engaged with …

Dual Realities: Peace and War in the Sudan – An Update on the Implementation of the CPA

"This situation report highlights some of the most pressing challenges to the implementation of the CPA from the perspective of the political incumbents, international observers, and sectors of civil society including the Sudanese media. It is based…

L’intangibilité des Frontières Africaines à l’épreuve des Réalités Contemporaines / The Intangibility of Borders in the Face of Contemporary Realities

Open conflicts besetting Africa find their origin mainly in the struggle for power, the appropriation of natural resources or the issue of borders. After having been overshadowed during the first decades following African independence, thanks to th…

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