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Other Facets no 23

In ‘Zimbabwe diamond rush turns poisonous: Accusations lead to nationalization plan’ a diamond rush in the remote region of Marange in eastern Zimbabwe became the subject of a series of angry exchanges between the government and its critics beginni…

Other Facets no 22

In ‘Diamond controls in Venezuela: 100% KP, non-compliant,’ Venezuela’s diamond exports are avoiding Kimberley Process controls, and 100% of annual production is being smuggled out of the country. In ‘Kimberley Process 2006: Collapse averted’ PAC in…

Diamonds and Clubs: The Militarized Control of Diamonds and Power in Zimbabwe

"This report makes several other contentions. The first is that what is occurring in the two contested diamond areas — Marange in the eastern province of Manicaland and River Ranch in the south — cannot be seen in isolation. They are inextricably li…

From Blood Diamonds to Blood Gold - A Report on Machete Violence in Zimbabwe's ASM Gold Sector

Shurugwi is a beautiful scenic town in Zimbabwe`s Midlands Province which sits on the famous mineral rich Great Dyke belt. The Great Dyke, which is up to 8 miles wide and about 330 miles long, consists of several precious minerals which include gold…

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