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A Gap Analysis of Confined Field Trial Application Forms for Genetically Modified Crops in East Africa: Evaluating the Potential for Harmonization

"The regulatory approval of genetically modified crops in the field initially requires small, restricted experimental trials known as confined field trials. These small scale experiments provide researchers with important information on environmenta…

Making the Most of Natural Advantages: Intellectual Property and Natural Products in Botswana

"The purpose of this research was to work towards the development of an intellectual property regime for indigenous plants (and potentially other natural resources) in Botswana that promotes investment in the development of new products whilst prote…

"Addressing the Impact of Biosafety Systems and Regional Policies - Towards a Regional Approach to Biotechnology Policy in Southern Africa"

"The extent to which modern biotechnology can contribute to agricultural development and sustainability is subject to incensed scrutiny, debate and controversy. This is even more palpable in Africa, where it is hypothesised that modern agricultural …

Towards a Regional Approach to Biotechnology and Biosafety Policies for Southern African Countries Phase 1: Situation Analysis and Stakeholder View - South Africa

"This working paper endeavours to describe and summarize the current situation in South Africa pertaining to biotechnology in the agricultural sector, as well as public understanding of biotechnology and biotechnological applications in the country,…

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