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Understanding the Theory of Collective Rights: Redefining the Privacy Paradox

The true paradox of privacy may well be in the need to conceptualise it increasingly in terms of its public dimensions, rather than its personal ones. This is true for both broadening our understanding of how personal data is ‘exchanged’, to reconfi…

AI4D - Digital and Biometric Identity Systems

This policy paper examines issues emerging around the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital and Biometric Identities (BDI) being rolled out across Africa as a central part of digital strategies to meet the UN 2030 Sustainable Develop…

Mapping and Analysis of Privacy Laws and Policies in Africa - Summary Report

Privacy in the digital age has become a preeminent human rights issue, given its intricate connection with, and its being a foundation for the realisation of other rights such as freedoms of expression, information, assembly, and association. Yet, w…

State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2021: Effects of State Surveillance on Democratic Participation in Africa

Africa has increasingly become digitalised with technology playing a pivotal role in learning, working, and public participation. However, there is growing concern that rising state surveillance is not only undermining African citizens’ digital righ…

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