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Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 26 No.2

The first article “Suppressed demand in the clean development mechanism: conceptual and practical issues” studies the challenges of the application of greenhouse gas emission accounting in poor communities. “Proposal for improved nuclear fuel utilis…

Biofuel Policies in South Africa: A Critical Analysis

"In 2007 the South African government released the country’s National Biofuels Industrial Strategy targeting a biofuels market penetration of 2% of liquid road transport fuels by 2013. Contrary to the international situation, the main driver f…

The Economic and Environmental Costs/Benefits of Green Fuel: The Case of the Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant

The study assesses the micro level benefits of a bioethanol plant in Zimbabwe. The study findings show that, besides producing cleaner fuel which is environmentally friendly, the Chisumbanje bioethanol plant provides a wide range of benefits to the …

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