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Renewable Energy Technologies for Poverty Alleviation South Africa: Biodiesel and Solar Water Heaters

"In this report, two RE technologies – solar water heaters (SWHs) and biodiesel – have been identified where renewable energy could make a significant contribution towards poverty alleviation in terms of improving the general welfare of households a…

Biofuel Policies in South Africa: A Critical Analysis

"In 2007 the South African government released the country’s National Biofuels Industrial Strategy targeting a biofuels market penetration of 2% of liquid road transport fuels by 2013. Contrary to the international situation, the main driver f…

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 25 No 2

This journal comprises several excellent articles. "Challenges in household energisation and the poor" highlights the challenges to supply energy to the poor and the health risks of using traditional fuels. "Design of a low voltage DC microgrid syst…

Journal of Energy in Southern Africa Vol 26 No.1

This issue comprises several articles and conference papers. The first article “SAURAN, A new resource for solar radiometric data in Southern Africa” gives a brief background to the SAURAN project and describes the network’s operation, coverage and …

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