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Angola: Between War and Stalemate - Again?

“Angola’s armies are on the march once more. The long awaited Angolan Army (FAA) offensive against UNITA on the central Plains (‘Planalto’) commenced on 14 September, with the activation of three fronts from the cities of Huambo, Cuito and Malanje...

Madagascar and SADC: The 15th member?

"In 1997, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) broke its self-imposed moratorium on membership by inviting the newly-created Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Seychelles as the 13th and 14th members. At the time there was specu...

The Iberian Connection Strategies for growth and co-operation in Spanish-South African Relations

This report highlights a number of ways to realise the full potential of Spanish-South African relations. Development of joint ventures and investments in mining, infrastructure programmes, marketing, wine making, banking etc. Lessons from shared ...

India and South Africa: The search for partnership

"Session One focused on the global and regional strategic environment, painting a picture of the security concerns of developing nations at the cusp of the new millennium. Session Two provided a comparative examination of the interests in the rece...

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