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The Economic Effects of Refugee Return and Policy Implications

According to the European Union over a million rejected asylum seekers have been ordered to return to their country of origin from Europe alone, or will be soon. To these could be added refugees that have been given temporary shelter but who could…

Criminal Tendencies: Immigrants and Illegality in South Africa

The purpose of this brief has been to draw attention to the complex new forms of migration and immigration that are transforming traditional migration dynamics to South Africa. Our intention, in doing so, is to contest the view that there is any nec…

A Tale of Two Continents: Comparing Migration Experiences in South Africa and Germany

South Africa and Germany are continents apart and are also very different economically, yet they both dominate their respective regions. As a result, they are attractive destinations for all kinds of migrants, including refugees, asylum seekers and …

Is the Global Compact on Refugees fit for Africa's Purposes?

The Global Compact for Refugees (GCR) advocates a ‘whole of society’ approach to resolving and managing the forced displacement ‘crisis’ by setting out specific targets, objectives and pathways for UN member states to follow. Its novelty lies in the…

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