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The Impact of China and India on Africa: Trade, FDI and the African Manufacturing Sector Issues and Challenges

"In this paper an attempt to examine the impact of the Asian drivers on the manufacturing sectors of African economies are made. An examination of the existing literature and empirical regularity suggest looking into the following issues which might…

Evaluating Asian Drivers Impacts on Sub-Saharan Africa Oil and Gas industries: A Methodological Framework

"In this paper, key issues have been identified, as well as policy research questions and also concerns of SSA arising from the emergence of ADs in the oil and gas industries. In order to provide a basis for articulating appropriate responses by Afr…

Impact of Asian Drivers on SSA Agriculture and Food Security: Issues and Challenges

"An important sector in Africa that could be affected by the growth of Asia Drivers is the agriculture sector. This paper, provides the framework for assessing the impact of the Asian Drivers on Sub-Saharan Africa agriculture. The performance is re…

The Impact of the Asian Drivers on Governance in Africa

This paper starts by defining the concept of governance and human security, then goes on to highlight the weaknesses of African states, which perhaps militate against the optimum application of processes, aggregation of interests, operation of insti…

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