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La Houe, la Vache et le Fusil Conflits liés à la Transhumance en Territoires de Fizi et Uvira (Sud-Kivu, RDC) : État des Lieux et Leçons Tirées de l’expérience de LPI / The Cultivator, the Cow and the Gun - Conflicts which all links to the Seasonal Move t

Once a year the Congolese province of South Kivu, in the Great Lakes region, becomes a place of transhumance. Pastoralists migrate with thousands of heads of livestock down from the high plateaus to find pasture in the lowlands. This book attempts …

Central Mali: An Uprising in the Making?

This report analyses the dynamics behind the extension of the areas of insecurity in central Mali and describes the groups that are responsible for this development. The centre of the country is dominated by the Inner Niger Delta, a territory subj…

Peace and Security Council Report Issue No.119

The first article is titled: Why African citizens were shocked by the pictures from Sochi. It discusses the images of African officials in Russia testing and gazing at sophisticated weapons, with visible exhilaration, which have been circulating on…

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