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Corporate Concentration and Food Security in South Africa: Is the Commercial Agro-Food system Delivering?

"Although the current agro-food system in South Africa has the technical and organisational capacity to meet domestic food needs, there are major problems with access to food and with the nutrient content of existing food supplies. The agro-food s…

Corporate Power in the Agro-Food System and South Africa's Food Consumer Environment

"This report maps the extent of corporate power in the South African agro-food system using a value chain approach. It identifies major corporate actors in the various nodes of the agro-food system as of 2014. Some nodes tend to be dominated by corp…

Challenging the Stereotypes: Small-scale black Farmers and Private Sector Support Programmes in South Africa A National scan

All farmers in South Africa face severe economic and other pressures, and even large-scale and well-resourced producers face significant challenges in meeting the demands of highly competitive global markets. At the same time, state policies do not…

Changing Agro-Food Systems The Impact of Big Agro-Investors on Food Rights Case Studies in Mozambique and Zambia / Sistemas agroalimentares em mutação

" This book presents case studies on changing agro-food systems in Southern Africa within the context of large-scale land-based and agri-business investments. By capturing the testimonies of local people in rural settings, with a particular focus on…

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