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Reducing The Maize Yield Gap In Ethiopia: Analysis And Policy Simulation

Ethiopia can be considered a success story for maize production as, apart from South Africa, it is the only country in Sub-Saharan Africa that has shown substantial progress in maize productivity and input use. After a period of limited growth, yie…

Enhancing Agricultural Yields by Small-holder Farmers through Integrated Climate Change Adaptation in Sierra Leone

Response to climate change impacts in Sierra Leone is too low, despite the emerging evidence in recent years. Climatic variables such as rainfall and temperature which have shown normal routine of occurrence now give a different picture. There has b…

The Agricultural Mechanization in Africa: Micro-level Analysis of State Drivers and Effects

This paper examines the state, drivers and, consequently, the impacts of agricultural mechanization in eleven countries in Africa. Using representative multistage stratified household survey data and robust analytical approaches, findings show light…

African Agricultural Mechanization Myths, Realities and an Emerging Research Agenda

African farm systems remain the least mechanized of all continents. There were substantial state-led efforts to promote agricultural mechanization during the 1960s and 1970s, but these efforts failed, which led to a subsequent neglect of mechanizati…

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