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Dairy Sector Reforms and Transformation in Uganda Since the 1990s

"The objective of this study is to put together information on lessons that policy makers and development partners alike could learn from the dairy sector in promoting growth of other agricultural value chains. Uganda has made some visible achieve...

Mapping of Studies on Employment Creation of Agriculture and Agro-processing in Kenya Final Report

"Agriculture is the engine of growth in Kenya. The sector contributes 26 percent to the Gross Domestic Product and 60 percent of the formal wage employment in the public and private sectors. Growth in the sector has been modest at an annual averag...

Harnessing Investment in Tanzania's Agricultural Sector for Inclusive Growth: Where to From Here?

This paper unpacks Tanzania’s investment laws and their impact on the development of the country’s agricultural sector. It discusses current government-led policies and initiatives that aim to stimulate growth in Tanzania’s agricultural sector whi...

Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2019: Development Financing for Agro-industrialisation

Chapter One of the book examines the trends in agriculture lending by both government and private financial institutions, the performance and implementation of the Bank of Uganda managed Agriculture Credit Facility over the last ten years; progres...

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