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Relative Price Variability and Inflation: Evidence from the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria

"The main objective of this study is to establish quantitative relationships among the relative price volatility of agricultural commodities, inflation and agricultural policies in Nigeria. The findings suggest the need for policies that will buffer…

Sources of Technical Efficiency among Smallholder Maize Farmers in Southern Malawi

"The agricultural sector in Malawi is vital to the economy for incomes and food security. The sector accounts for 35% of national income, generates 90% of foreign exchange, and provides paid and self-employment to 92% of the rural population. One …

The Effects of Exchange Rate Policy on Cameroon's Agricultural Competitiveness

"The paper analyses the effects of trade and exchange rate policies on Cameroon's agriculture. Theoretical models and formulas are developed for empirical analysis. The calculated relative prices and indexes estimates of the degree of over-valuati…

Economic Reforms and Policies to Boost Job Creation and Optimise Malawi’s Opportunity to Harness the Demographic Dividend and Accelerate Socio-economic Development

Malawi can by optimizing its economic opportunities and unleashing the power of its youthful population into an asset for development through the demographic dividend (DD), potentially accelerate its socio-economic economic transformation agenda out…

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