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Tanzania: Recent developments

This background briefing describes recent developments in Tanzania in light of the general election in 1980, which hinged upon the prevailing economic malaise within the country. This has been accompanied by an expanding bureaucracy. Against this ba…

Reducing Rural Poverty and Gender Disparities in Togo's Agricultural Industry

The agricultural sector has a predominant role in the Togolese economy. It contributes about 38% to the real GDP and employs 40.7% of the total workforce. Despite this, levels of poverty were higher among households headed by farmers in 2015. Povert…

Financing Agriculture for Agro-Industrialization: What Lessons can Uganda Learn from Ghana?

Despite Uganda and Ghana having a similar economic structure—especially the reliance on agriculture for employment and presence of dominant cash crops—overall agriculture in the two countries differ markedly. Ghana allocates a substantially higher s…

Boost Growth and Gender Equality in South Africa Through Rural Development Investment

The population of South Africa faces the triple challenges of high levels of inequality, unemployment and poverty, with those living in rural areas and women being the most affected. The need for rural development as a strategy to improve the socio-…

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