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Linking Soybean Producers to Markets: An Analysis of Interventions in Malawi and Zambia

This paper seeks to examine the challenges and opportunities soybean producers (who are primarily smallholders) encounter in linking competitively to end markets in Malawi and Zambia, while making comparisons with South Africa’s more developed indus…

Encouraging Non-farm Work to Increase Agricultural Commercialization in Ghana

Poverty in Ghana is generally a rural phenomenon. 37.9% of rural households are poor, compared to 10.6% of urban households. Furthermore, 78% of national poverty is in rural areas. Over 90% of these rural households depend on agriculture. However, t…

Impact of Market Information on Cashew Producers in Guinea-Bissau

Does lack of information reduce the ability of producers to find the right time to sell their products? To answer this question, we ran a two-level cluster randomized control trial among 1988 cashew producers in 290 villages in Guinea-Bissau. Treate…

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