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L’Engagement de Maputo: le Mot d’Ordre a-t-il été Respecté? / The Maputo Commitment: Has the Watchword been Respected?

"In the early 2000s, in a context of growing food insecurity, African States committed themselves to increase their efforts for agriculture, aware of the importance of this sector in economic development, the fight against poverty and the improvem...

Foreign Investments and Livelihoods in Northern Zambia

This study employs a wider livelihoods approach to challenge some insular neo-classical economic narratives on the nature, process and impact of large-scale land acquisitions on smallholder farmers living on Africa’s customary land. Large-scale ...

Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2019: Development Financing for Agro-industrialisation

Chapter One of the book examines the trends in agriculture lending by both government and private financial institutions, the performance and implementation of the Bank of Uganda managed Agriculture Credit Facility over the last ten years; progres...

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