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Knowledge Management and Development Targets in Nigeria

"Ajaikaiye and Olusola (2003) observed that the knowledge system of any progressive society performs a pivotal function in its development. However, they note that “in spite of this recognition, the attention given to Nigeria’s knowledge system has …

Agriculture and the Economic Transformation of Ethiopia

"This paper examines the implications of this commitment to both growth and reduction in poverty, analyzes the progress underway, and diagnoses the critical elements of change in policy required to reach the objectives. Combining a review of experie…

Market Opportunities for African Agriculture: A General Equilibrium Examination of Demand-Side Constraints on Agricultural Growth in East and Southern Africa

"The report applies a general equilibrium framework for the analysis, focusing on seven East and Southern African countries—Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—and finds that an export-led agricultural growth stra…

Contribution des Facteurs et de la Productivité Globale des facteurs à la Croissance Agricole au Maroc: une Evaluation comparée Intersectorielle et inter pays

Morocco's economic and social progress depends on growth objectives in agriculture, a priority sector in development strategies and policies. Moreover, the gains in total factor productivity are decisive for the improvement of the standard of living…

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