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The Constraints to Irish Potato Value Chain Financing in Uganda

This brief summarizes the findings from the potato value chain study on what constrains the financing of potato value chain activities in Kigezi sub-region. Increased access to cheap finance, is one of the major pathways to enhancing potato producti…

Financing Agriculture for Agro-Industrialization: What Lessons can Uganda Learn from Ghana?

Despite Uganda and Ghana having a similar economic structure—especially the reliance on agriculture for employment and presence of dominant cash crops—overall agriculture in the two countries differ markedly. Ghana allocates a substantially higher s…

Agricultural Finance Yearbook 2021 - Agricultural Finance: Coping with Economic Recovery Amidst a COVID-19 Environment

The 2021 Agricultural Finance Yearbook, which is the eleventh edition in the series offers an in-depth analysis of the Agricultural financing landscape in Uganda. The 2021 publication is made up of five chapters that highlight key processes, achieve…

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