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Determinants of agricultural exports: The case of Cameroon

"This paper investigates the determinants of three agricultural exports from Cameroon between 1971/72 and 1995/1996. Export supply functions are specified and estimated for the three export crops chosen: cocoa, coffee and banana. Quantitative esti…

Socio-economic dynamics of the South African Agricultural Sector

This trade policy briefing overviews the socio-economic and political reality of the agricultural sector in South Africa. The first section discusses the policy environment and changes in agricultural polices over the past 10 years, referring to t…

The Real Exchange Rate and Ghana's Agricultural Exports

"This study examines the effects of the real exchange rate of the cedi on agricultural price incentives and agricultural exports in Ghana. It is divided into six sections. The problem which motivated this study, the study's objectives and relevance,…

High-Value Agricultural Exports from Africa

African exports of high-value agricultural products, such as processed agricultural goods and horticultural products have been growing rapidly. Some observers seem to feel that expanding these exports might be key to generating the new export revenu…

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