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Rapport de Synthèse des Ateliers Paysans sur la Réforme Foncière et les Enjeux de Sécurisation Foncière des Exploitations Familiales au Sénégal / Synthesis Report of the Peasant Workshop on Land Reform and the Challenges of Land Tenure Security for Family

As part of the policy of economic liberalization, donors exerted strong pressure on the government of Senegal to reform the land policy. This pressure initially resulted in measures taken by the State to withdraw the SAED from the management of la...

Les Propositions Paysannes Pour une Réforme Foncière Senegalaise Garante d'un Developpement Agricole et Rurale Durable au Senegal / Proposals for Farmers Land Reform in Senegal - Guaranteeing Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development

"The modernisation of our agriculture cannot be based on the agricultural entrepreneurship which is capital-based development. The exploitable land for agriculture in the broadest sense are, mostly occupied and operated by farmer families national...

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