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Public Policy Participation by Senegalese Producers' Organizations Lessons Learned from Capatilization on the Land Reform and EPA Negociation Process - Educational Booklet

"This document is based on two capitalization studies conducted in Senegal on the participation of producers’ organizations in land reform and economic partnership agreement negotiations. Based on these two experiences, it attempts to provide a few …

Dimensions Structurelles de la Libéralisation pour l’Agriculture et le Développent Rural Programme Rural Struc - Phase I / Structural Dimensions of Liberalization for Agriculture and Rural Development Programme - Phase I

"The main finding of our study is that despite the development of highly effective strategies, tailored to the unfavorable climatic conditions, scarcity of land and difficult access to markets, farmers and the agricultural economy are at an impasse.…

Above Potential Performance in Agriculture and Service Sectors improve Business Climate with a more Optimistic future

The Business Climate Index (BCI) slightly improved from 95.61 in the previous quarter (January-March 2019) to 100.28 in the current quarter (April-June 2019). These changes were largely driven by improvement in performance in the agriculture and ser…

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