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From 'Willing Seller, Willing Buyer' to a People-Driven Land Reform

"The concept of ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ has dominated the discourse on land reform in South Africa since 1994. Now, following the national Land Summit of July 2005, it appears that government is willing to abandon this approach, but there …

Zimbabwe: Reaping the Harvest?

"The Land Reform and Resettlement Programme of the Zimbabwean government can be seen as comprising two phases. In the first phase, from 1980 to 1996, the dominant approach to land redistribution and acquisition may be characterised as “a state-centr…

The Disjuncture of Land and Agricultural Reform in South Africa: Implications for the Agri-Food system

"Land reform was introduced in South Africa in the 1990s to redress the injustices of colonialism and apartheid. But compromises in the transition to democracy saw a trade-off between political participation on one side and continuity in economic st…

'Friendship' Rice, Business of 'Land-Grabbing'? The Hubei-Gaza Rice project in Xai-Xai

"This paper examines a land deal in a state‐run irrigation scheme in Southern Mozambique to develop agriculture through technology transfers, in the context of Sino‐Mozambican bilateral relations. The project has developed in two distinct phases sin…

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