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The African Union Transitional Justice Policy: Expanding the Frontiers of Transitional Justice

In February 2019, the African Union (AU), at the summit it held in Addis Ababa, adopted its transitional justice policy. The AU Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP) is the culmination of a nearly decade-long legislative process. In the long trajector…

Charting the Course for Transitional Justice in Africa: Recommendations of the 2017-2020 African Transitional Justice Forums

Africa has been a hub of transitional justice for three decades. Many of the concepts and mechanisms conceived and implemented on the continent have been earmarked as global blueprints and examples of the potential and challenges of transitional jus…

Transitional Justice and Silencing the Guns in Africa in the Context of COVID-19: Report on the Fourth African Transitional Justice Forum, Virtual Meeting, 26 - 28 October 2020

Africa has been both a nursery and a laboratory for transitional justice ideas and practice for three decades. In recent years, the African Union, regional economic communities and other regional institutions, numerous states and a range of civil so…

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