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Somalia: An Opportunity that Should Not Be Missed

"The next six months will be crucial for Somalia. The international community is taking a renewed interest in the country; the mandate of the feeble and dysfunctional Transitional Federal Government (TFG) expires in a half-year; and emboldened troop…

From AMIB to AMISOM The Need for Institutional and Mandate Clarity in APSA

"This paper seeks to assess some of the future institutional and mandate constraints that APSA may deal with as it continues to provide a framework for engaging in conflict situations on the continent. It attempts to do this through an in-depth exam…

Somalia: the Intervention Dilemma

"This Policy Brief examines the apparent urgency to increase AMISOM force levels. It interrogates the AU’s interventionist strategy in Somalia, including the planned troop surge, analyses the terrorist dimension of the bombings, drawing parallels w…

Long Walk to Restoration : Lessons from Somalia's Transition Process

"Somalia’s troubled recent history began with the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991 and the subsequent outbreak of war among various clan-based actors in the different regions of the country. Since then, all efforts to restore peace, stability a…

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