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African Trade, Investment and Exchange Rate Regimes and Incentives for Exporting

"In its analysis of export incentives, this paper suggests that such incentives can be direct and explicit when they take the form of autonomous, complementary and / or compensatory measures which are specifically targeted at promoting exporting act…

Will the African Free Trade Agreement Succeed?

The recently signed African Continental Free Trade Agreement represents a counter current to protectionist tendencies across the Atlantic and the Pacific, and may well move the economic integration of the African continent forward. Translating the v…

CAP Measures Towards Environmental Sustainability: Trade Opportunities for Africa

The future EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) requires coherence with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the international commitments in the fight against climate change. Next to ensuring stable food supply by supporting farmers and enha…

EU Common Agricultural Policy - Impacts on Trade with Africa and African Agricultural Development

The impacts of European agricultural and trade policies on agricultural development and food security in Africa are analyzed in this study. The research is prompted by the pending further development of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 202…

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