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Opportunities And Challenges Facing Africa In The Development Of Key Export Sectors Under The WTO Agreement - A Focus On Mining, Manufacturing And Services

"This paper considers the position in Africa of the mining, manufacturing and services sectors, specifically: Their performance and growth potential; the constraints to market access that confront them when output and exports are expanded; The key …

Peacekeeping in Africa - Trends and Responses

"Despite the supposedly broad array of conflict management techniques, international attention remains fixed on 'peacekeeping', or the utility of multinational military interventions as an essential element in the amelioration or resolution of arme…

The SA Navy and an African Renaissance: Selected conference papers Annual Naval Conference 23 October 1997

"In capturing the spirit of the times, the conference is believed to serve as a significant milestone in the promotion of maritime awareness in South Africa. The contributions of eminent participants will, through stimulating informed discussion, fu…

Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance Through the APRM

Pan-Africanism has historically played a crucial role in shaping the foundations of African institutions, and continues to do so today. Divergent opinions on the structure of African institutions raise the question of how these ideologies should be…

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