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The Civilian Dimension of the African Standby Force

"This book is about the civilian dimension of African Peace Operations. It is a summary of the work that the African Union (AU) Peace Support Operations Division (PSOD) has done to date to develop the civilian dimension of AU Peace operations, prima…

Intelligence in African Peace Operations: Addressing the Deficit

"The aim of this paper is to highlight some of the more salient requirements for intelligence in African peace operations, and to provide insights into how these needs are (or are not) being met. It does so with specific reference to intelligence ne…

2016 Background Paper “Africa in the Global Security Agenda” 5th Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa

Rethinking Africa’s role in the global security agenda (architecture) is an urgent task. Some of the key questions focused on by the Fifth Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa, are : 1)What is the state of knowledge about “global security” …

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