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Annual Review of the Peace and Security Council 2012/2013

"The peace and security situation in Africa continues to show both continuity and change. While civil wars or armed conflicts involving rebel groups remain rare, other forms of human security threats are increasingly affecting parts of the contine...

South African Foreign Policy and the UN Security Council: Assessing its Impact on the African Peace and Security Architecture

"This policy insights paper examines the globalisation of South African foreign policy through its two-term tenure on the UNSC, focusing on its agenda for the promotion of peace and security in Africa. This agenda, which strengthened formal ties ...

Peace and Security Council Report: Issue 104

This issue explores Africa’s new free trade area and violence in Cameroon. The 31st African Union (AU) summit in Nouakchott for the first time saw a vigorous interrogation of the organisation’s proposed budget. Issues of corruption and mismanage...

The African State after Internationalism: What will the demise of Liberal Internationalism mean for African States?

Modern African states have usually defined themselves with reference to foreign norms shaped by foreign power, whether economic or military: norms imposed under colonialism and refined in the postcolonial, international-community dispensation. How...

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