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Defining Civil Society in the Context of the African Peer Review Mechanism

"This paper attempts to examine some of the prevailing definitions of civil society in the context of African governance, and identify a suitable means of conceptualizing civil society more specifically in the context of the APRM."

Make Peace Happen: Strengthening Political Governance for Peace, Security and Stability in Africa

"A research report based on the AU High-level Retreat held in Cairo, Egypt, from 4–5 September 2011, organised by the African Union Peace and Security Department in cooperation with the Government of Egypt, the African Centre for the Constructive Re…

Spelling the End of Washington's Leniency with Beijing: The United States' Return to Africa

The African arena is but an episode in the China-USA soap opera. Nevertheless, given the continent's significance in terms of opportunities for major powers, it is also a space where their rivalry comes to the fore. This is the lens through which th…

Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for the Continent in 2016

The Africa Growth Initiative and its colleagues discuss six overarching themes in this year’s Foresight Africa, that place Africa at this tipping point and give their views on what they perceive to be key areas for intervention to keep Africa on its…

State Failure and Rebel Governance in Africa

Since 2013, armed conflict has raged in the Central African Republic, between the largely Muslim Seleka rebels and the predominantly Christian militias (known as the anti-Balaka). Rebel groups are controlling broad swathes of the country, exploiting…

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