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eAfrica: The electronic Journal of Governance and Innovation, Vol 1, September 2003

The main focus of this volume is the African Diaspora and what the future holds for Africa with regard to the Brain drain crisis, the health care crisis, and democracy. The question that needs to be answered is will the African Diaspora solve Africa…

Global Compact for Migration: Enhancing African Migration Governance

The final outcome document of the Global Compact for Migration calls for developing evidence-based migration policies and discourses. The importance of data for well-informed policy making is also emphasised. The compact follows a comprehensive ap…

Under Invested: The Caribbean-African Relationship

Caribbean and African ties run deep. They are based on a shared history, culture, and sense of a common identity forged by the slave trade which forcibly relocated more than 10 million Africans to the New World, in the process, creating large centre…

Evaluation of the African Union Migration Policy Framework for Africa

Migration across the globe has become a pertinent issue that many countries are trying to understand and manage effectively. In Africa, migration is now in the forefront of political discussions, especially in those countries where people have been …

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