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Foreign power and Africa: Socio-economic dimensions

The first part of the conference paper discusses the need of Africa with regard to technology, science and manpower but not only that it goes further to include education and the fulfillment of basic needs. The second part explains the role of fore…

Taiwanese development aid in Africa

"Information on Taiwan's aid to Africa has not been systematically documented, nor has it been placed in the public domain. Taipei considers information on foreign aid and the accompanying statistics confidential. This report aims to examine Taiwan…

Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution

Africa has extraordinary potential for economic growth and development. But its many plans and noble aims rarely translate into reality. This policy brief summarises Jakkie Cilliers’ new book Africa First! which examines the continent’s current de…

Why Africa’s Development Models must Change: Understanding Five Dynamic Trends

Current models used to analyse African development don’t align with the continent’s context and dynamics, and need to be overhauled. Approaches should explicitly consider the defining characteristic of African economics, namely its wide-ranging info…

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