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Nuanced Balancing Act: South Africa's National and International Interests and its 'African Agenda'

"Since apartheid ended, much of South Africa’s positioning on the world stage has been informed by what has been described as an Afrocentric approach to foreign relations. This paper examines the central question of whether or not the South African …

Perspectives and Hidden Ambiguities in the 'African Agenda'

"This paper seeks to undertake a brief examination and analysis of this seemingly non-problematic, popular and widely used concept. It is hoped that through this examination and analysis, the notion of the ‘African Agenda’ will be problematised, w…

Advancing South Africa's Agenda through the 'African Agenda'

"This policy brief seeks to explore the strategic significance for South Africa of pursuing its ‘African Agenda’ through engagement within the affairs of the African continent. It argues that South Africa’s advancement of the ‘African Agenda’ and i…

South Africa's Diplomacy 20 Years on: Implementing the African Agenda Around Core Values, Principles and Issues

"After 20 years of democracy, post-apartheid South Africa has been successfully reintegrated into international affairs. By virtue of the country’s domestic order, specifically its democracy, human rights and globally integrated economy, South Afr…

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