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Addressing the 'Conflict Minerals' Crisis in the Great Lakes Region

"The year 2011 heralded the convergence of various initiatives seeking to curtail the financing of conflict in the Great Lakes region through the illegal exploitation of minerals. The combined effect of seeking to comply with the various proces…

Averting Proxy Wars in the Eastern DR Congo and Great Lakes

The Great Lakes region is increasingly on edge. Distrust is rife among Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda, all of which have connections to insurgents in the eastern DRC. President Tshisekedi’s emphasis on regional peacemaking deserves applause and his coop…

Afsol Journal: Journal of African-Centered Solutions in Peace and Security Vol 3 (II)

The first article is titled “The Great Lakes Region (GLR) Security Complex: Lessons for the African Solutions for Peace and Security (AfSol) Approach”. This paper applies the Regional Security Complex Theory to establish a pattern of security interd…

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