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The 'Containment Compact': The EU Migration 'Crisis' and African Complicity in Migration Management

In 2015 over 1 million people crossed the Mediterranean Sea from Africa in search of refuge and economic security in Europe. Nearly 4 000 died making the treacherous journey. Media images of dangerously overcrowded, rickety boats and dead bodies was…

Valetta 2015 to Abidjan 2017: Recent Trends in AU-EU Migration Relations

Ahead of the fifth AU–EU Summit in November 2017, this policy brief identifies changing trends in Africa–EU migration relations under the 2007 Joint Africa– EU Strategy (JAES), the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF) and the outcomes from the…

Africa & Europe: Different Demographic Trends Seeds for a Smart Partnership

In Africa’s impending demographic dividend and the looming threat posed by Europe’s aging, lie the seeds of an agenda with the possibilities to generate win-wins for both continents. Might Europe’s future labor market requirements hold the key for…

Africa and Europe: Building Consensus on Migration

The management of migration requires cooperation between Africa and Europe, each for their own reasons. As a key element of the Africa-European Union strategic partnership, agreement on migration is central to developing a mutually beneficial strate…

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