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Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Public Procurement and Administrative Justice

Public procurement at the district level has a profound impact on businesses of all sizes and types in Rwanda and helps shape overall opinions about the state of the investment climate in the country. The perceived fairness of procurement processes …

Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Private Labor Regulation and Administrative Justice

This section provides a general description of the practice of administrative justice related to private labor complaints. It was informed by the Phase I Legal and Policy Framework Analysis conducted by the SRAJ project, as well as the Phase II fiel…

Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Findings and Recommendations from District Field Research on Administrative Justice in Practice

This report compiles all the information gleaned from the research activities, which includes both a legal and policy framework analysis and a field research effort aimed at collecting a wealth of information about administrative justice in practice…

Strengthening Rwandan Administrative Justice: Land Expropriation and Administrative Justice

Land expropriation (the seizure of property for purposes in the public interest) has been a relatively contentious area of administrative decision-making over the past several years, but despite a number of important substantive reforms, including a…

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