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Joint Ventures

"South Africa's land reform programme is based on the state providing grants to landless people who negotiate with white landowners to purchase land. The high price of land, among other factors, has led to the emergence of joint ventures. In these …

Principles and Practice for Successful Farmland Redistribution in South Africa

The current debate on land reform in South Africa is unnecessarily polarised between who believe that the market has failed to deliver, and those who believe that the market has failed to deliver. Instead we propose a 'state-incentivised but priva…

Modes of Access to Land, and Gender-related Productivity Gap in Burkina Faso

This study analyses the sources of gender-related productivity gap, and measures the impact of land access patterns on the productivity gap in Burkina Faso. The data used in this research are drawn from the latest available study on living standards…

Equitable Access to Land for Social Justice in South Africa

This report analyses the trajectory of land reform in South Africa and its implications for equitable access to land. The report combines insights from empirical research and inclusive dialogues to analyse the extent to which land reform laws and po…

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