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Delivering Nutrients Widely through Biofortification: Building on Orange Sweet Potato

"The biofortification strategy aims to reduce the prevalence of vitamin and mineral nutritional deficiencies that are widespread in low-income populations by developing nutrient-rich varieties of staple food crops that the poor consume habitually. B…

A Gap Analysis of Confined Field Trial Application Forms for Genetically Modified Crops in East Africa: Evaluating the Potential for Harmonization

"The regulatory approval of genetically modified crops in the field initially requires small, restricted experimental trials known as confined field trials. These small scale experiments provide researchers with important information on environmenta…

Supply of Pigeonpea Genetic Resources in Local Markets of Eastern Kenya

"Smallholder producers in marginal and semiarid areas of eastern Kenya have not benefited greatly from research investments made in improvement of crops grown in such environments (sorghum, millet, and legumes, including pigeonpea) either by the in…

Managing Knowledge for Development: Lessons from Kenyan Modern Biotechnology Regulatory Process

This paper shows how challenges linked to modern biotechnology - related knowledge management - contribute to the slow pace of biotechnology development in a developing country context. It draws lessons from Kenya’s experience in instituting regulat…

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