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Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Ethiopia Report of Ethiopia National Workshop

"This paper has three synthesis. First synthesis: African Philosophy, and within this continent-wide perspective, a second synthesis: the history of Ethiopian Philosophy written in Ge'ez, and together with this second synthesis, the oral expression…

Africa Mining Vision: Prospects and Challenges for Implementing Countries

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV), endorsed by the African Union (AU) in February 2009, is a regional policy framework that seeks to address the paradox of a resource-rich continent that continues to see enduring poverty. In order to encourage a cont…

From Natural Resource Dependence to Diversified Economies: An Agenda for Future Research

"This paper has argued that Africa’s recent growth episode is encouraging on some levels, but substantial questions remain over governance quality, uneven improvement in social indicators and the volatility of resource concentrated growth. Improved…

Building Blocks for Co-producing Climate Services

This brief provides decision-makers with practical information on how to use a co-production approach to achieve better informed development of climate services with relevance for African decision-makers. Co-production is gaining popularity in weath…

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